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Lightning McQueen is a character in the Cars series. Since his debut in 2005, he won 5 Piston Cups[1], his first being in 2006. His number is mainly 95, but in the Crazy 8 it is 15. He raced for over 10 years.


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2005 Dinoco 400

Lightning started out as a rookie in the 2005 Piston Cup Season. He was selfish, cared only about victory and thought he can do everything by himself. It was a 3-way tie between him, 7-time champion Strip "The King" Weathers and runner-up Chick Hicks. A tie-breaker race was announced to take place in a week. He got lost in a small town called Radiator Springs and he was offered a Dinoco sponsorship but decided to stick with Rusteze. Chick won the race and the 2005 championship as well as the Piston Cup but he was classified as a cheater by Tex Dinoco.

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